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Head office located: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Marketing Department

With this package eNova Marketing will act as an extended marketing department to your company.

Marketing Depatment Highlights

  1. In-Depth Marketing Strategy: We will analyse and understand your products / services, identify target market and define a systematic marketing roadmap to increase the revenue for your company. 
  2. Search Engine Optimisation: Optimization of all current website pages as well as link building, local optimization and keyword ranking reports.
  3. Social Media Marketing & Advertising: We will manage your presence on popular social media platforms. With social media ads we will target the audience that matters to your brand and generate more exposure & leads.
  4. Email Marketing Campaigns: We will manage and run all email marketing campaigns to gain and nurture leads.
  5. Local SEO & Directory Management: We unify your business’ directory listings, and work consistently to improve your rankings in your targeted keywords.
  6. Reviews & Support: We give you the infrastructure to collect positive reviews and ratings to make your local search profile stand out.
  7. WordPress Website: We will build you a website specifically designed to maximize your content strategy, and help implement a plan that keeps it up and running at blazing mobile and browser speeds.

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