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Needs Assessment for Training and Learning

Does your training content need to move online or be revitalized? Confused about where to start or how to plan? A Needs Assessment will help your team build a sustainable learning solutions ecosystem.

A Needs Assessment is a component of change management.

A Needs Assessment is important when a gap has been identified. 

The environment around that gap must be assessed in order to fill it creatively, affordably, sustainably, and efficiently. As a third-party consultant I help your organization build an analyze your data so that you feel confident about the ecosystem of learning solutions as your team moves forward.

Data can include:

  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Review of situation specific data such as:
    • Call logs
    • Sales reports
    • Recent organizational policy changes
    • LMS/CMS structure
    • Existing learning content
  • Learning objectives mapped against performance indicators
  • Org charts

A Needs Assessment results in a report with the following:

  • Identifies the sources of the gap and the major stakeholders involved
  • Describes the data and methodologies used to analyze the gap
  • Itemizes possible ways to fill the gap
  • Recommends a specific solution pathway
  • Itemizes and prioritizes general scope of most desireable and sustainable solution pathway

A Needs Assessment takes time but saves time in the end.


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