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On-board HOPNBR to consolidate your marketing and payment processing fees!

HOPNBR offers you a platform to reach customers right on their phone letting you offer fast service by taking orders and payment via mobile app. All items are prepaid eliminating walkouts!

HOPNBR is a technology platform for the hospitality industry allowing:

Customers to:

  • Order & pay through a mobile app
  • Share purchased items with other HOPNBR users
  • Find friends, family or meet new people

Businesses to:

  • Turn tables faster by automating order and payment
  • Interact with customers in real-time through push notifications
  • Track staff and sales performance in real-time


The platform has three components:

  • Consumer app | lets people find venues, order, pay and share food and drink items among HOPNBR users.
  • Merchant App | lets venue staff accept, prepare and deliver orders submitted by consumers.
  • Merchant Admin Web Account | lets merchants manage venue demographics, menu, staff, push messages, sales and banking info.

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