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Head office located: Ancaster, Ontario, Canada


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Plug & Play Marketing Department

As your ‘plug & play’ marketing department, the Thinkr team works to build your brand at your pace, keeping to your deadlines and schedule.

Market Research

Market research and analysis contributes to your decision-making process by identifying or confirming your current position and barriers.

Brand Audit & Strategy

You can’t fix what you don’t understand. A successful marketing campaign starts with understanding your audience and how they view your brand within its category. To maximize your business growth and give you a competitive edge, Thinkr helps guide your company in a unified, focused, consistent direction.

Marketing Communications Plan

We work with you to develop strategic marketing plans. Beginning with an in-depth understanding of your product/service, we build out a comprehensive plan to allocate the budget available to support your goals and objectives.

Brand Creative

Everything you create, from your logo to your website, should stem from the audience you want to target and the position you want to own. Our talent, process and standards ensure that we deliver you exceptional brand creative that drives measurable results.

Photography & Videography Content

If your content doesn’t speak to your target audience or isn’t relevant, it’s lost. When it comes to developing content for your website, Thinkr’s in-house photography and videography services deliver your message with enough importance to engage your audience.

3D Animation & Rendering

Take your brand and marketing materials to the next level with compelling, interactive assets, developed in-house by the Thinkr creative team.

Website Design & Development

A great web presence is the foundation on which your company’s success will be built. In our increasingly digital world, your online presence is vital to your company’s success. Our web team will engineer an engaging, functional, and informative place for your customers to visit, connect with, and buy from.

Website Maintenance

Keeping your website up and running can be as important to your business as keeping your doors open. We perform regular backups and security scans, as well as uptime and performance audits to maintain your website’s functionality.

Email Marketing & Social Media

It’s time to pull everything together under a single, coherent plan and express yourself by creating a consistent customer experience across email and social channels.

Media Planning & Buying

Media research planning is a key component of a media buy. We will pinpoint your audience and deliver your message consistently to them through the most effective vehicles at the right time.

Digital Marketing Solutions

We can help get your business noticed online with our digital marketing solutions. These include: SEO; pay-per-click; video ads; and social media marketing and management.

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