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Years in business: 16 - 29
Head office located: St.albert, Alberta, Canada


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Point of Sale Specialty and Inventory Intelligence: Simple Setup and Support with CRS

Point of Sale solutions to Merchandise Intelligence with Open to Buy plans and much more, we have the retail solutions to make your Retail store(s) more successful. Let us help you.

1. Effective

An effective Point of Sale Software System is the lifeblood of any retailer. We’ve been helping retailers reach new heights through POS for more than 27 years.

2. Full Solution

Our POS systems are more than sales tracking software. They’re store management solutions that help you run the many areas of your independent retail business.

3. Sales Tracking

We start with sales and customer tracking, but also include inventory and order management. Our solutions are backed with reporting which we help you with so you make profitable decisions for your business.

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