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Make Your Mark Today Inc.

Years in business: 5 or less
Head office located: Halifax, Nova Scotia


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Premium SEO Management

Turn your website into a lead generation machine with our complete site managed search engine optimization solution.

We bring world class Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expertise and transform your business to get you more customers. Stop wasting your time with marketing that isn’t working for you.


Our Proven Formula For Success

1. Discovery

In our first meeting we discuss your business needs. Ask you questions about your goals, products, and services. And, you can ask us questions about our services and digital marketing.

2. Research

We conduct keyword research to find what your customers are actually searching for, and what your competitors rank for. Then we plan out your site map for your landing pages.

3. Webpages

Don’t have a website? We’ll build it for you. If you have one we create new pages to rank and consolidate old ones. Ensuring that your site has all the necessary elements to rank on page 1 for the best searches.

4. Optimize

We then audit your entire website and optimize everything. From your headings, images, content, internal links, external links, technical SEO, schema, and more.

5. Growth

Then the hard work starts. Building backlinks, adding schema, re-optimizing content, connecting listings, etc. This gets your website rising in Google search results.

6. Maintain & Repeat

Once you achieve top rankings we continue to update your pages, create blog posts, fix errors, and of course make sure you get to and don’t fall off Page 1!

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