IIAS - International Internet Advertising Services Inc.

Years in business: 16 - 29
Head office located: Abbotsford, Bc

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Getting you business through Googles organic section.

SEO drives highly relevant and targeted traffic straight to your website and it’s our specialty. We know that a website is the most important marketing tool in the box, so getting your target market to the site is essential.

Our SEO team focuses on optimization strategies that work with Google’s most current algorithms. As Google has become more sophisticated, so have we. We follow all of the updates and test new strategies to address factors like quality, user intent, authoritativeness, engagement, relevant backlinks, reviews, and conceptual relationships.

We also understand that the internet is a living thing that changes constantly, so we keep very close track of how our work is performing and make adjustments when needed to keep our clients in the top results.

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