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Content is the driving force behind your search engine optimization! Your website is only as good as the content on it so let us help you optimize your website content flow to get you found!

Search Engine Optimize Your Website for Increased Results


Your website is only as good as the content that’s on it. And while a strong foundation of content writing is vital for visitors browsing your site, that’s only half the battle. What’s the use of engaging content if no one knows it exists?

As a part of Bloomtools Mississauga’s content management services, we offer a range of search engine optimization features to enhance your website’s search engine rankings. Your website will show up favourably on search engines like Google thanks to our specialized SEO content writing.

SEO isn’t an add-on to your website. It’s an ongoing service that’s an important aspect to online marketing. Bloomtools websites are built with search engines in mind, therefore every website has the following SEO features:

  • Automatically updated XML sitemap
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Easy to edit Title tags and Meta Tags
  • 301 URL redirector
  • Robots.txt editor

When you optimize your website with Bloomtools Mississauga, you gain a competitive advantage in your market. With Bloomtools Mississauga’s SEO services, you gain SEO-optimized content your customers will find insightful and accessible, that will also ranks near the top of search results pages. Not only will we improve your rankings and online marketing, we’ll deliver regular reports so you can tangibly see everything we do. This monthly service includes:

  • Initial report on your on-page factors
  • Keyword ranking status
  • Page views
  • Time on Site
  • Top performing organic keywords
  • Conversions
  • Summary of SEO services completed and next steps.

With Bloomtools Mississauga’s comprehensive content management package, including content writing and SEO services, your website will improve in search engine rankings.  Optimize your website with Bloomtools Mississauga today! Contact our SEO experts to learn more about how Bloomtools can grow your business.

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