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SEO Health Check

Increase the quantity of traffic to your site and rank higher on search engines. You have an awesome website and/or landing pages that are designed to sell. But why aren't you ranking on Google?

With an SEO Health Check, we figure out where your users are dropping off and provide concrete recommendations to rank better faster.

Whether it’s a lack of meta tag descriptions, image quality leading to slower page speed, or any number of other factors, our SEO experts can identify areas of opportunity. The SEO Health Check will help you stand out on the Google search results page.

Key Benefits:

Our SEO experts know how to decrease your bounce rate, and check your landing pages for best practices. We can help you understand your page speed, compatibility between devices and how your URL structure and keywords can help you increase your organic search results. All that is needed on our end is access to your Google Search Console, and we got you covered from there. Better organic traffic to your website has never been easier to achieve, with our SEO Health Check.

Enjoy the benefits of search engine optimization, including:

  • Landing pages loading at the same speed without errors
  • Device compatibility
  • High-quality images with meta descriptions tagged
  • URL, keywords and content conventions working together for an increase in organic traffic
  • Showing up higher on Google search results page

How it works

Once your order has been placed, we’ll send you a confirmation email with next steps

  1. Your rep will reach out with account access instructions.
  2. Wait 5 – 7 business days 
  3. Get a custom report with detailed recommendations.
  4. Have a consultation with our SEO strategist to review the report and discuss actionable next steps.

What’s included

Obtain actionable advice on how to improve your current SEO state with recommendations and a custom report and consultation explaining: 

  • Current crawl errors on landing pages and how to avoid them
  • Keyword structure and conventions for title tags
  • Optimized description using the appropriate keywords
  • 404 error serving page

Time to deliver

7 days

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