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Head office located: Burlington, Ontario, Canada


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Services for Personal Brands

Helping professionals, content creators, influencers, and public figures present themselves professionally. Nordeau helps real estate agents, personal trainers, YouTubers, authors, and many others.

You Have Big Dreams

Don’t let an unprofessional look hold you back.

You have been thinking about your dream business for a long time. You are making it happen through hard work and taking risks.

You know you can make a mark on the world. There is a mountain you are ready to climb, and a business that is primed to scale.


Nordeau Takes Personal Brands To The Next Level

We have helped many pros find their look and message.

Take a look at our work. We have designed logos, brand identities, and websites for professionals just like you.


Products and Services To Bring Out Your Brand


Photographers and make-up artists capture your best self.


Website Design & Hosting

Your professional website to help you find customers or fans.


Business Card Design & Print

Network effectively by handing out modern, custom business cards.


Stationery Design & Print

Send the right message with a custom sign for your commercial or home office..



Send the right message with a custom sign for your commercial or home office.


Signature Logo Design

Your name as a custom logo, giving you a bespoke look.


Social Media Profile Design

Grow your follower base with professional profile pictures, banners, and post templates.


Email Signature Design

Close all your emails with a custom coded signature.


And More

We support our clients in all efforts to grow their personal brand.

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