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Small Business Website Design & Development

A standard 5 page small business website for only $180 per month.

I will design a small business website tailored to your specific needs. All of my sites are meticulously coded by hand without the use of WordPress, templates, or page builders. This allows me to create unique sites that are highly optimized and leave a strong first impression.

I charge a predictable $180 per month with no minimum contract, large startup fees, or BS. If you don’t love working with me, you’re free to cancel any time, hassle free. My rate is all inclusive. It covers building the initial site, keeping it up to date with new content and web standards, and if the design ever starts feeling dated, we can redesign your site to have a more modern look and feel.

No Additional Fees

Hosting, updates, and maintenance are included in the monthly payment.

Lifetime Updates

Your site is frequently updated to stay in line with accessibility standards and Google’s search ranking guidelines.

Unlimited Revisions

Request changes any time and they’ll generally be completed that same day.


Monthly analytics reports to monitor where users come from and how they interact with your site.

Local SEO

I help you optimize and manage your business profile in relevant directory sites.

Zero Emissions

Hosted in sustainable data centers that are powered by 100% renewable energy.

Your Site will Be

Fully Responsive

Website mockup on overlapping desktop and mobile screens

Website mockup on overlapping desktop and mobile screensYour website will look amazing on mobile screens, tablets, and desktop, allowing new clients to easily navigate your site from anywhere.


SEO Optimized

Fuel gage style indicator with the arrow pointing at maximum

Built from the ground up to boost the quality and quantity of your website’s search engine traffic.



Uppercase and lowercase letter 'A'

Kept up-to-date on the latest web accessibility guidelines so your site is marketable to people with diverse abilities. Why is this important?


Need more than a standard 5 pages? Larger projects can be accommodated with custom pricing based on the additional pages and time involved.

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