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Small But Mighty Website Package

Simple website, big impact. Who said that going digital had to be difficult? A professional website can increase sales, provide valuable information to your customers, and bring more buyers to your

Perfect for small businesses who are just starting out online.

Package Includes:

  • Setup and installation of a 4-page website with pages: home, about, contact, services.
  • Design – Based on the template below. We will change on the existing template:
    • The logo to your logo and choose whether the logo is centered or on the left
    • The photo (to one that your provide, or we can choose an appropriate stock image)
    • Colors to suit your branding/logo
    • Background image (another image, texture, or plain color)
    • Add your content/text — We can use your pre-prepared content OR We can use ‘dummy’ content that you can replace at your leisure (if you do not have content prepared).
    • Arrangement of the content area (below the large image) to better fit the content you would like displayed on the homepage.
    • Please see samples at the link below — In order to offer this special price, additional changes would require an estimate. As you can see, although each template is the same, each website has a very different feel — the colors, images used, and small tweaks to the design elements can really change the look of the website.
  • Website will be suitable for both mobile and desktop (responsive design).
  • Initial site back-up (you get a complete copy of your website)
  • Training: a compilation of the best online tutorials from around the web

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