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Our team of content creators will source and produce compelling content for your company to share across three of your social media channels so you can focus on running your business.

Do you wish you had extra time in your day to post to your social media channels? Ever wonder if you’re missing out on growing your business because your social media presence is an afterthought? 

With our Social Media Content Calendar you can stop wondering and feeling guilty. Our team of content creators will source and produce compelling content for your company to share across three of your social media channels. 

You’ll never have to worry “what should I post today?” ever again. We’ll bring your social media channels to life while positioning you as an industry thought leader. The Social Media Content Calendar is optimized by social media channel to drive reach through industry-relevant hashtags and @mentions to put your brand in front of new audiences. 

The content calendar will include 96 posts in two main categories:

  • Posts linking to your website (about 30% of the posts).
  • Posts sharing industry-relevant news and insights so you can stay top-of-mind for your clients (about 70%). 

What about visuals? Social media posts with visuals drive increased reach and engagement. The social media content calendar includes supporting visuals to accompany 40 posts per month. 

The Social Media Content Calendar includes: 

  • 96 posts for up to three social media channels for your company, optimized with hashtags and @mentions to reach new audiences. 
  • 40 visuals to accompany the social media posts. 
  • A visual template system in a Photoshop file that your team can use to create additional social media content. You’ll get input on the design and one round of feedback. 
  • Peace of mind that your business is reaching new people while you focus on growing your company. 

How this works: 

  1. Purchase our Social Media Content Calendar product.
  2. Within 24 hours we will reach out to book an onboarding call to learn about your business, the kinds of customers you want to reach and the type of content your brand should be sharing. 
  3. Five days later, we will send you a visual template for your sign off. 
  4. Once you’ve signed off on that, 10 business days later we will deliver the 96 social media posts in an easy-to-navigate Excel document, and 40 visuals (plus Photoshop design template in a ZIP file) for you or your team to review.
  5. After you review and send us your feedback, we’ll make changes in 3 business days.
  6. You or your team can schedule the content on your social media channels.

Time To Delivery: ~20 business days

Do you want more than one month of content? We offer discounts on three and six month content packages. 

If you’re looking for a more customized package for your social media channels, email us at [email protected] to discuss your goals.

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