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Years in business: 16 - 29
Head office located: Cambridge, On, Canada


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Social Media Management for just $500/month

Let us take care of your social media presence while you focus on running your business!

This package includes 2-3 posts per week on up to three platforms. We will create and schedule all posts and provide detailed quarterly reporting. 

An implemented social media marketing strategy that’s well-planned increases customer loyalty and retention while building brand awareness to attract new customers and even more business! Not only can customers contact you faster, but your social media interaction makes them feel more connected to your company with the personalized attention they receive online.

Our social media strategies are truly magic. Our services range anywhere from increasing customer engagement to managing and monitoring your online reputation. You may have the best service or product in town, but if marketed poorly, or if you have a poor, or non-existent, online reputation, let’s face it, it feeds your competitors’ pockets!

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