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Social Monitoring & Repost

Listen to Hashtags, Instagram Accounts and Mentions.. Find relevant and interesting content for your Instagram feed or stories and repost with just a click!

Monitor #hashtags and @accounts

Select a few tags or accounts, or let the AI system discover relevant and trending posts for you. Once you find a post that you like, view, repost or save in seconds.  We’ll even send an alert via email letting you know there’s new content to review.

Monitor Mentions of Your @Account

View posts and stories where your Instagram account has been mentioned in captions, or tagged in posts.  It’s the ultimate way to streamline your content posting activity using UGC (user-generated content), and to thank people for including you in their posts

Browse Important #Events Each Month.

The Social Calendar is packed with important dates and trending hashtags.  Browse the calendar for dates that interest you, view posts and repost them to your feed or story.

Repost In Seconds, or Save For Future Posts

Click Repost on a given suggested post to launch the powerful free scheduler.  Update the caption and tags, add scheduling settings, and even kick off a Story post at the same time.  If you would like to review or repost at a later date, simply save it in a folder of your choice.

Receive Daily Alerts

No time to login to browse posts? No problem!  The AiSchedul finds fresh content each day and will send you a digest via email.




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