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The Marketing CATALYST Package

The Marketing Catalyst package is perfect for businesses that are ready to take their marketing and lead generation to the next level. It pulls all the right levers to see dramatic growth. Learn more

The Marketing Catalyst Package

The Marketing Catalyst package is perfect for businesses that are ready to take their marketing and lead generation to the next level. It pulls all the right levers to see dramatic growth.

This package is perfect for the small to medium-sized business that needs the marketing system, tools, manpower, and expertise to take their business to the next level. The Marketing Catalyst package uses the Duct Tape Marketing System as it’s the foundation – one of the best known and respected small and medium-sized business marketing solutions.

We focus on working with businesses across Ontario including The Greater Toronto Area, Newmarket, Barrie and the surrounding areas, Ottawa, and more, to help them become more findable online. This package is designed to accelerate leads for your business by building a robust marketing plan and putting it into practice on an ongoing basis as your virtual marketing department.

The Marketing Catalyst Package Is Energized With Value

The Marketing Catalyst Package - The Best Online Marketing Package

Here’s what you get with the Marketing Catalyst package (don’t forget to keep scrolling…there’s lots included!):

  • Create an initial marketing strategy and plan – Three virtual sessions to conduct discovery and research and present initial strategy priorities. Create ideal client personas, competitive landscape research, and core marketing message and positioning.
  • Develop keyword content plan – List of key themes that will be the focus of any content and SEO opportunities.
  • Create an editorial calendar – Develop key content topics for the upcoming quarter. To include a plan for lead capture content such as eBook.
  • Create Marketing Hourglass – map customer journey and determine a content plan for stages of know, like, trust, try, buy, repeat, and refer.
  • Optimize WordPress site – We will optimize your website so that it produces better search engine results. We will also implement calls to actions on your website and provide ongoing maintenance and changes.
  • Write and post three blog submissions per month – Three 500-700 word blog posts taken from key content themes, posted to WordPress, and optimized for search engines.
  • Create influencer list – build journalist, influencer, competition, and customer lists and alerts to include guest content opportunities and outreach for link building and PR purposes.
  • Publish 20 social media updates across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, and GoogleMyBusiness per month – Hand crafted posts taken from client’s content, list of industry influencers, and proven engagement tactics to stimulate social media growth, activity, and engagement.
  • Create a Marketing Kit – a suite of marketing materials to be used in sales efforts offline and online.
  • Claim, create and submit directory profiles – Discovery and enhance relevant local and industry-related directories and create consistent profiles across all.
  • Monitor and manage directory opportunities – Ongoing process of optimizing directory profiles and promoting campaigns that help raise directory profiles in search engines.
  • Create an annual marketing plan – document to include key promotional activities by month.
  • Create an advertising plan – create an advertising plan to increase
    leads. (Expenses for PPC/Ad spend and ad management additional)
  • Create a referral program – develop a referral program from the Marketing Hourglass work.
  • Create and install lead conversion system – develop sales process based on overall marketing strategy.
  • Create a new customer kit – a suite of materials used to orient new customers.
  • Create key metrics dashboard – Creation of a client dashboard to monitor growth and improvement in key indicators such as website traffic, social metrics, reviews, and keyword ranking. To include key conversion goals and funnels in Google Analytics.
  • Monthly status session – once a month meeting to review all projects, adjust plan, and report on performance.
  • Conduct quarterly planning meetings – Quarterly in person or virtual session to plan upcoming content themes, adjust and add new tactics.
  • Report on key performance metrics monthly – Monthly status check-in and reporting to gauge and adjust progress and tactics.
  • Create an email newsletter twice per month – Four email newsletters each month pulled from the blog posts and social media posts for the month.
  • Create and integrate robust rating and review web page and process – Develop a process to aggressively stimulate reviews to Google and other review sites including a review-only webpage and process to enhance and support increased reviews.
  • Conduct monthly review meetings – Monthly virtual sessions to plan upcoming content themes, adjust and add new tactics.

The Marketing Catalyst Package is an exceptional investment in your business growth

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