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ToGo - (Free 4 week trial)

Let us show you how we can help. Simply send us your menu or product list, and we'll get your business set up to accept online ordering. Try us for free for 4 weeks risk free.

Sign-up to Togo’s ordering platform free of charge for 4 weeks. What you’ll get:

  • We’ll get your menu or product list set up on our tool. Simply send us your information and we’ll take care of the rest! Download a video demo here: Or view a live demo here (Note, do not enter credit card info, as it is a real demo): 
  • Link to your custom Togo ordering page from your social media or website to allow people to shop your products online for pick-up or delivery (according to your offering) and choose to accept pre-order or ASAP orders only. 
  • Togo promotes your business on our marketplace via social media
  • A free assessment of your current online ordering mix (including 3rd parties) and recommendations on how to save money and drive sales
  • Automatically start collecting customer emails for email marketing to remarket, drive loyalty, and keep your customers informed, reducing your reliance on 3rd parties over time
  • Sign up here: (Note: Mention the code DMSTOGO to unlock the free trial)

The best part, we will make sure any adjustments to your current online ordering mix (including 3rd parties) do not impact your current sales volume. Instead, we’ll help advise how to ensure the 3rd parties are working for you (and earning the high commissions they charge), while helping you reduce dependence on them over time.

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