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High end digital video production. We manage the entire production process, which simplifies communication and keeps the vision consistent.

This is where it all starts. We work with you to establish project goals, design cool concepts, write scripts, and storyboard projects shot for shot. We’re known for taking complicated pieces of information and explaining them in a concise and engaging way.

This is where the planning happens. We audition and hire actors, scout and book locations, build props, and finalize logistics. Putting the necessary time into this phase keeps us organized when we get on set.

This is where the cameras come out. Be it shooting in a secret lab in Waterloo or off a cliff in the Rockies, our crew is well equipped to handle whatever our shoot days may throw our way. We own and maintain a long list of cameras, lenses, lights, tripods, sound equipment as well as a fully equipped grip and lighting trailer.

This is where it all comes together. We edit, design motion graphics, mix audio, and colour-grade footage using state of the art software and hardware. We send you lots of iterative drafts to make sure you like how everything is coming along.

This where your eyes explode! Once you’ve approved a final draft, we optimize the video for its end destination (web, broadcast, in-store, etc,) send over the files, and do a little happy dance.
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