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With one phone call, you can get your campaign going on a shoe-string budget.

After running about 20 election campaigns, I know how much time is wasted every single election rounding up phones, internet connection, web site designs, computers, email addresses. A modern campaign needs all of those things but it shouldn’t take all of your time and money to put together what is really a basic necessity. To solve that we’ve created Vybe Campaign. One call can set us in motion to bring you a complete communications solution. Phone, E commerce, Web, Social Media – we’ll even rent you the physical equipment needed for the time you need it. AND we can have you up and running within days.

What’s the first step to simplifying your campaign communications structure? Fill out the form at http://vybecampaign.com/contact.html. We’ll come back with a customized NO OBLIGATION quote that will fit your campaign’s needs to a T.

Call me, Jim Adams, at 416-425-1212 x 210 or email [email protected] and visit us at www.vybecampaign.com

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