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Web design and app development require a proven workflow of integrated services moving from customer discovery to user experience to SEO to code.

At the centre of a digital experience is one of us—a human. At the centre of of a human is 94% emotion, 5% rationale, and 1% stardust. With this flawless calculation in mind, we surmise that digital experience is human experience, aiming to connect your brand to the emotional cues of people seeking value and magic.

Extensive planning and a culture of craftsmanship are fundamental to delivering impactful experiences. From first contact onwards we map the user’s journey paying keen attention to emotional triggers and rational needs throughout. We develop prototypes and evolve wireframes into beautiful user interfaces that result in a focused and impressive experience for humans. Our systems are built on a foundation of best practices and graceful solutions that balance features with ruthless efficiency. Our engineering team employs rigid workflows and rigorous standards for quality to ensure that all code deliveries are robust and production-ready.

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