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Web Design & Hosting for Small Businesses (Special Offer Three Page Website)

Do you want a website for your business that will make people say, "I want to work with THAT company!" CKR Websites makes professional websites with you and FOR you. Special Rate Here Only

CKR Websites has multiple packages available for our customers that include essentials such as hosting, business emails, online surveys, shops, SEO optimizatios, phone friendly websites and more. We do all this for great rates and we offer our services at a great price.

But just for those small businesses trying to get off the ground, we are offering a deal found exclusively here. Normally, our 1 page website, which makes a great landing page for any small business just starting out, can be purchased at a package price of $225 +HST ( ) However, because we know Small Business need a little extra help, we are offering this One-Page website package to those Small Businesses FOR JUST $250 +HST including web hosting and business email (limit of 5 per website). Our services also include Optimized SEO, FREE SSL Certificates, and 3 updates per year.

All our websites are built with our customers; that means, our customer’s give us the content, they give us the pictures and we work with our customers for the best possible outcome. All websites are dravfted with our customers, multiple times if necessary, as we offer a satisfaction guarantee!

TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS EXCLUSIVE OFFER, simply email us at [email protected] with the subject line “DMS Future” and provide your name, business name and any current website you have including facebook, instagram, twitter or linkedin.

We can’t wait to work with you FOR you!

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