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Years in business: 6 - 15
Head office located: Burlington, Ontario, Canada


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Empowering industrial brands with responsive website design - Extend your reach, generate qualified leads and build lifelong partnerships with sophisticated website design and development.

At Brelix, we understand the importance of a strong foundation, which is why we approach industrial website design with a dual focus: to help you adapt and stay competitive in a rapidly changing procurement environment and to help key decision-makers—your clients—more effectively do their jobs.

We offer a suite of fully managed solutions designed to position you as the ideal partner for industrial clients. From UI/UX to wireframing, and from web design and development to ongoing support, we use proprietary methodologies and processes to help industrial brands connect with customers online and achieve long-term growth and success.

Generate brand awareness

High-performance design, strategic SEO and a data-driven approach work together to increase your online visibility and drive qualified leads to your site.

Streamline the process

We’re at our best when we’re simplifying the dynamic, complex and extensive industrial sales process via tailored content and responsive industrial web design.

Forge new relationships

From agile manufacturing and process improvements to cycle time and CPK, we speak your language and are prepared to position you as a trustworthy and reliable partner.

Establish your reputation

Client-centric content, clean and responsive design and advanced website capabilities establish trust and authority in a sophisticated niche.

Updated web presence

Show the next generation of buyers and employees that you’re a forward-thinking industrial firm that is prepared to compete and thrive regardless of what comes next.

User-friendly experience

We take a holistic approach to website design and ensure that the overall experience seamlessly integrates the elements that make up an interface, including visual design, layout, text and brand.

Attract top talent

For industrial companies that want to increase sales and hire top talent, Brelix is a digital growth agency that delivers big results.

Post-launch support

When you partner with Brelix, you don’t just get a website. You get a bolt-on marketing department that has the horsepower to manage your new site, remedy issues and provide peace-of-mind.

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