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Whether you are looking to have an inviting home page or a storytelling About Us page, we will craft your brand's messaging in a human and authentic way.

At JCC Creates, we lead with humanity and strategy. By discovering exactly who your ideal customer and audience are, we write in a way that is tailored specifically to them.

Whether the scale of your business is small or large, without clear and concise webpages, visitors will have no idea where to go or who you are. They will drop off into the internet abyss and miss their chance to connect with your business or product.

But I digress. Your website is an extension of your business – it is the culmination of your time, energy, love, passion, and ideas. We all want to solve our problems with the right products and services from brands that we can trust.

I know I can trust you, and now let’s convince everyone else!

Find my portfolio here: https://jayseesee.com/

Types of webpages include:

  • Homepage
  • About Us
  • Product Descriptions
  • Mission Statement
  • Other pages that bring value to your customer – let’s brainstorm!


“In retrospect, starting a business during the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada was probably not the best idea for someone like me and having Jon as my editor was a relief. He was thorough, creative, and had a great collaborative approach. I am grateful for his thoughtfulness, without his help I would not have been able to do the work that I do.”

– Phuong Nguyen, founder of Art Therapy with Phuong

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