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Website Design

We focus on creating websites that are interactive, responsive and beautifully designed.

Responsive Design

  • Not sure what we’re talking about when we say “responsive design”? It means that we ensure your site consistently looks it’s best and functions optimally on a variety of screen sizes. Whether your customer is viewing your site on their phone, tablet or desktop computer, our websites provide a user-friendly experience no matter what!

Custom Look

  • No cookie cutter website designs here friends! Take Root Creative websites are designed using WordPress and a robust theme that is highly customizable, which results in a beautiful end product uniquely branded to your business.

Easy to Manage

  • Want to manage your own website once the build is complete? No problem! WordPress is super user-friendly, and a 1-2 hour training session with us is all you need to learn how to make easy edits to your site such as changing out photos and updating text. WordPress training is included in your website package, so it’s a great opportunity to go behind the scenes and learn how your website works.

Grow With Your Business

  • Sites designed by Take Root Creative have the unique ability to grow with your business with the help of some really cool plugins. Not ready to jump into a blog, custom forms, or e-commerce just yet? Don’t sweat it. These features can easily be added down the road when your business is ready to expand its digital presence.

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