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Years in business: 6 - 15
Head office located: Vaughan, Ontario, Canada


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ZohoOne Training and Consulting

I will train or consult entrepreneurs or nonprofits on ZohoOne.

Have you heard about ZohoOne?

I’m surprised when I hear clients say that they didn’t realize how much ZohoOne has to offer and thought that it was just a CRM.

It is so much more! ZohoOne is a full platform of Apps that integrate and work together to replace just about all the apps that any small business owner would need.

I am a Digital Workplace Expert. I have been helping businesses of all sizes Work Smarter by bringing their People+Processes+Technology together to build efficient Digital Workplaces.

I am NOT a ZOHO Partner! I am what I’d call System Agnostic.

I train businesses on Google Workspace, Microsoft Office AND ZohoOne apps. I also help them decide which platform makes the most sense for them to use.

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