Vendor Directory - Process and Eligibility

You could grow your business by joining Digital Main Street!


Having the right help can make a big difference to increasing a business’ online presence and overall digital footprint. Digital Main Street offers main street businesses across Ontario access to a wide range of digital vendors that want to work with small businesses to help them become digitally ready. 


Digital Main Street is looking for vendors that can help main street small businesses across Ontario. If you help your clients use online and digital tools to promote, sell and manage, then you may be eligible to become a Digital Main Street Digital Vendor*. 


To be a Digital Main Street Digital Vendor, your business must:


  1. Be an incorporated or registered business.
  2. Have premises located in Ontario.
  3. Have a professional business website.
  4. Have a defined product or service for main street small businesses that is in line with the Digital Main Street audience and mission.


Becoming a Digital Vendor is easy:


  1. Register your digital business at
  2. Provide your business information.
  3. Provide details on the products and services that you offer.
  4. Upload your company’s logo.
  5. Accurately tag your business and services so it can be found within the Digital Main Street directory.


For any questions or concerns, please contact [email protected]


*Note: Digital Main Street reserves the right to determine eligibility and to grant approval. Failure to accurately tag your business and/or products and services could result in disqualification or removal from the vendor directory.



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