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What's Happening On The Digital Main Street?


August 2, 2016

Share your Square Story for a Chance to Win $1,000

It’s no secret. We love local Canadian businesses. There’s something wonderful about watching Square sellers soar as they build their brands, learn from their mistakes and successes and follow their dreams to add value to the world. We also know that it can be an uphill battle.

August 11, 2016

Get Started with Shopify

Are you interested in learning more about e-commerce and how to get started selling online? This workshop is for you!

June 30, 2016

Toronto Tees – Behind the Business with Owner Joe Taylor

You can get t-shirts almost anywhere, it’s true. But a custom shirt…in five minutes?

What is Digital Main Street?

This is a platform that connects main street businesses to the digital world. By joining Digital Main Street, main street businesses receive a free digital assessment and a recommended to-do list that identifies technologies and service providers that can help businesses meet their digital goals.

Digital Main Street will also be home to news, events, case studies and stories that will help main street businesses sustain the digital tools they have adopted.

What does Digital Main Street offer main street businesses like mine?

Digital Readiness Check

As part of the Digital Main Street onboarding process, Toronto main street businesses are provided an assessment of their current digital readiness including next steps for increasing their online presence.

Digital To-Do List

Each main street business will have its Digital To-Do List including everything from setting up Google My Business to considering e-commerce for their website. Each item on the To-Do List will include explanations, education and access to vendors that can help them improve their digital readiness

Digital Service Squad

Available to BIA members, the Digital Service Squad is a partnership with George Brown College connecting main street businesses with students who can help them meet their digital needs at little or no cost.

Access To Vendors

With a click, Toronto main street businesses can access a list of digital product and service providers who can help them to improve their digital readiness whether it's setting up a social media plan or building their first mobile-friendly website.


Free to BIA main street businesses, Digital Main Street shares articles, case studies, tutorials and more help to main street businesses answer questions before making important digital purchases.


With over 35,000 main street businesses in Toronto eligible to use the Digital Main Street, this buying power translates into deals and savings that can benefit every main street business in the city.


Digital Main Street is working hard to provide main street businesses with the best deals and service. Below are just a few of the companies that are looking to work with you to get digital-ready.

Are you a digital vendor looking to get involved with Digital Main Street?

Complete your free Vendor Listing and reach up to 35,000 Toronto main street businesses.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for retailers on the forefront of digital innovation and technology providers who can meet the needs of forward-thinking retailers

What's in it for my company?

Set up your company profile on Digital Main Street and promote products and services directly to Toronto main street businesses.

More Digital Main Street Features

Digital Main Street is supported by key features that assist main street businesses as they adopt digital tools, technologies and services.


Through Digital Main Street and their BIAs Toronto main street businesses can access free workshops, training and demonstrations helping them reach their digital potential.


A retail innovation startup incubator that supports ongoing prototyping, testing and scaling of technologies and services in BIAs.

Get onto Digital Main Street today!

Digital Main Street is a platform that is free for main street businesses to join. It helps main street businesses navigate the often confusing and overwhelming online universe by acting as a guide to all things digital.

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