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E-commerce returns: from costly complication to competitive advantage

Canada Post | March 16, 2017

Returns are a reality and yet they represent the greatest disconnect between consumer expectations and merchant strategies. In fact, fewer than half of Canada Post's top 200 e-commerce retailers offer the returns experience demanded by Canadian consumers.

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Get ahead: parcel pickup helps your online store operate more effectively

Canada Post Blog | January 19, 2017

Small and medium businesses that tapped into Canada’s e-commerce boom – online sales are expected to reach $40 billion by 2019 – know the importance of fulfilling orders as quickly as possible. But, as you grow, balancing the volume of orders and the expectations of savvy Canadian online shoppers can make speedy fulfillment challenging. How can you keep up?


Get started with parcel pick up

An easy way to soothe growing pains while enabling faster, easier shipping is to use parcel pickup instead of trekking to a post office. Amber Stafford, the busy co-manager of Victoire Boutique’s  Toronto location, recently decided to use the parcel pickup service and likes the results. “Before, I had to wait until the store closed then head to a postal outlet in a taxi – we don’t have a store vehicle and our combined parcels can be heavy – and wait in line. Now they get out that much faster, no more cab fares and it’s way more convenient for me!” explains Stafford.

When does parcel pickup make sense?

As online sales grow, you may identify with these barriers to fulfilling orders in a timely fashion:

  • Business has expanded to the point that finding time (or space in the car) to drive to the post office is increasingly tough.
  • Staff are spending more time on shipping runs and less time focused on selling and other crucial elements to your growth strategy, such as marketing, customer service and improving your online store.

If these issues seem familiar, consider using a parcel pickup service to win back valuable time.

Parcel pickup explained in 57 seconds:

Parcels Pickup Cheat Sheet

Find parcel pickup services availability and cut-off times in your area here.

Get started with parcel pickup. Already using parcel pickup but want to make a change? Contact us now

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10 Ways to Update Your Marketing Strategy for 2017

Small Business Trends | January 18, 2017

Marketing is constantly evolving. So if you want to create a marketing plan for the coming year, you need all the most updated tools and strategies. Members of our small business community shared some of their top tips in posts this week. Check out ten of the best ways to update your marketing strategy in the list below.

Use These 20 Essential Marketing Tools

If you want to take your marketing to the next level, you need the right tools. That means you likely need a lot of different marketing services that focus on different purposes. There are 20 different marketing tools that can be essential to your business listed in this Zaneguide post by Zane J. Heil.

Factor the Effects of Decision Fatigue into Your Marketing

Decision fatigue is a theory that can potentially keep your customers from making purchases. But if you factor that theory into your marketing, as this Two Feet Marketing post by David Lowbridge suggests, you can give your business a better chance. You can also see what BizSugar members had to say about the post here.

Write Winning Content for Short Attention Span Readers

Today’s consumers aren’t likely to spend a lot of time reading your content if it doesn’t grab their attention right away. That means you need to know how to write for readers with short attention spans, as this post by Lisa Froelings on The Sociable details.

Get More Local Website Traffic

For local businesses, online marketing is still essential. Local search tips like the ones in this Search Engine Journal post by Mandy Wodnick can help you get more local website traffic and reach more customers who are looking for businesses in your area.

Achieve Marketing ROI With These Tips

If you want your marketing efforts to be successful, you need a real plan and the ability to actually measure results, as detailed in this post by Rachel Strella of Strella Social Media. You can also see discussion about the post by BizSugar members here.

Use A/B Testing to Build Buyer Personas

If you want to effectively market your business, you need to create accurate buyer personas to give you an idea about who you’re marketing to. And you can use A/B testing to achieve that thanks to the information in this Kissmetrics post by Aaron Agius.

Make Your Blog Visually Appealing

Blogs can be great marketing tools for businesses. But you need your blog to visually appeal to readers and potential customers if you want it to have any impact. These tips from Neil Patel offer some ways for you to make your blog more visually appealing.

Get Influencers to Read Your Blog Posts

In addition, influencers can have a big impact on the effectiveness of your blog posts. This post by Tony Paull of Tony Paull Consulting features some ways you can get influencers to read your blog posts. And members of the BizSugar community also comment on the post here.

Consider These Small Business Conferences for 2017

Conferences can be a great way to network and improve your business’s reach. And there are many different small business conferences throughout the year for you to consider. Here are some for 2017 shared by Nicholas Milewski on the Plousio blog.

Dial in Your Visual Ads

When it comes to visual advertising, there are many different online tools and platforms you can use to create your strategy. This Marketing Land post by Brad O’Brien includes some tips for using platforms like Pinterest and Snapchat to dial in your visual ads.


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