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5 Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

by Lorenzo Gonzalez   |   February 04, 2021   |   Share this:  

Here are a few marketing ideas for Valentine's Day that can help boost your small business!

With Valentine’s Day around the bend, it’s definitely a great idea to launch a marketing campaign to promote your small business. Doing this will keep you connected to your customers while helping you to maximize on the increased consumer spending over the coming week.

1. Spruce Up Your Online Presence

It’s always great to spruce up your online presence to match special events or occasions. And Valentine’s Day is no exception. It's the perfect opportunity to bring awareness to your business! We recommend that you update your social media and website with a romantic flair that will get you noticed.

2. Highlight At-Home Date Night Activities & Products

If it fits your brand, highlight products and activities that focus on Valentine’s Day. Flower shops, restaurants, and online retailers can highlight their products that will make at-home date night on February 14th an unforgettable one.

3. Create a Last-Minute Gift Guide

With so much information online, consumers are turning to curated lists and guides to inform their buying decisions. So why not create a Valentine’s Day gift guide to increase your reach, drive engagement, and help you sell more!

4. Run a Valentine’s Day Contest

A Valentine’s Day giveaway contest on social media is a surefire way to create amazing engagement while growing your following. A tried-and-tested idea is to focus on a giveaway that will excite your followers and then ask them to like, share and tag two of their friends to enter the contest.

5. Ask Your Followers to Share Their Love Stories

An easy way to build awareness around your business and an event — in this case: Valentine’s Day — is to curate content provided by your followers. Ask your followers to share their love stories and promote them on social media. On that note, please remember that Valentine’s Day is not only romantic, but it’s also a time to celebrate family and friends.

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