Local Plumbing Business Prepares for Growth with a New Digital Strategy

by Communitech   |   April 07, 2021   |   Share this:  

When Stephen Harrington, the owner of the Waterloo Region-based plumbing and water treatment business, Plumingo, came to the Future Proof Transformation Teams program, he came with the goal of learning how to use his existing website hosting platform to scale up from his one-man operation framework.

Prior to starting the Future Proof Program, Stephen’s website was struggling to funnel traffic for questions and product orders. Even though his website homepage had many visitors, people were not clicking through to other pages. As a result, he was using phone calls as his primary means of booking appointments because people were mostly calling as opposed to emailing or inquiring through the website. This resulted in him juggling administrative and customer service tasks as he worked at job sites.


To address this gap, he sought to automate the appointment booking process with online booking. The Transformation Team guided him through the process of linking his website to a company Facebook page where he could use the free Facebook Appointments booking system to have customers book appointments and get reminders.

For the bounce rate, the team helped him redesign his website to better advertise his water softener and plumbing services, optimized his web pages for search engine visibility and implemented an FAQs page with calls to action that would educate visitors and establish trust with potential leads. The team also guided him through integrating a plugin that provides testimonials from his Google reviews page and gives the option for visitors to leave a review.

In addition to the website, the Transformation Team provided Stephen with Google My Business assistance to help him rank higher in local search listings, revamped branding for his print advertising materials so that he can present a polished, professional, and cohesive brand to clients on social media and when leaving flyers at job sites.


To wrap everything together, Stephen completed the program with a tailored strategy guide which includes recommendations on how to get more reviews on Google, how best to advertise his services, and how to implement SEO strategies. Plumingo now has the tools and resources to grow to new heights as Stephen continues serving the plumbing and water treatment needs of the residents of Waterloo Region.


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Written By Giselle Tyrrell

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