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How Canadians Are Embracing a Digital Marketplace

Microsoft   |   6 mars 2019   |   Partager :  

62% of digitally advanced companies surveyed are more likely to have enjoyed high sales growth in the past three years. Lose the legacy technology & the old strategies entrenching them.

If you’re not speaking the new language of business, how can you communicate? The quick answer is you’re missing out. Don’t blame the business community for the rapid changes in business technology. Point the finger at your customers.

The global marketplace has evolved to include many great innovations, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and edge computing, all made possible thanks to the advent of cloud services in Canada, two decades ago.

Now startups flourish across the country, disrupting traditional business models like grocery shopping and home delivery, shoring up gaps in the market around data encryption and cybersecurity, and helping municipalities better manage and service the infrastructure we all rely on every day.

Why now?

Today’s digitally mature company speaks an entirely new language of business. They’ve dropped legacy systems and upgraded software applications to an integrated, cloud-based platform.  And, that move alone has significantly increased business overall.

62% of digitally advanced companies surveyed are more likely to have enjoyed high sales growth in the past three years.1

Scalable, integrated solutions

Our new ebook titled “Speaking business today, introducing the new language of business” explains in plain language the why et howto modernize the way you do business.

Maturing digitally and fostering a digitally savvy culture has never been more integral to the global competitiveness and global success of Canadian companies.  Meanwhile, those businesses that continue to lag in their digital evolution see their sales figures shrink year after year.

A quarter of conservative businesses have seen sales plummet in the last few years, compared to less than a fifth of businesses in other groups (digitally advanced and mature groups).1

Start winning on multiple fronts

Digitally transforming your business may take less effort than you think. Increase your digital maturity to move forward successfully. Start by defining and sharing your digital vision with the organization. Do your part to create a culture of change internally.  Learn five digital steps you can take to help your organization mature digitally in our new ebook called “Speaking business today.”

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Speaking business today

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1 Source: “Digitize Now. How to make a digital shift in your business.”, published by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), October 2018

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