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Google Maps Launches Augmented Reality!

by Digital Main Street   |   February 12, 2019   |   Share this:  

Google Maps launches augmented reality! What could this mean for the future of small business and way-finding on main streets?

Soon, when you open Google Maps, you’ll instantly know your location; street names, directions, and flashing red or green arrows help steer you in real time.

While a majority of the screen displays a camera-view of your surroundings, the classic map stays put at the bottom, so you stay oriented.

More and more news keeps coming from Google I/O, and this time, the company is showing off its vision of how walking navigation could be made easier with the aid of Augmented Reality.

The new Augmented Reality Maps experience would analyze the user's surroundings and determine their position in order to provide accurate and clear directions to help them get to their destination. To do this, Google developed what it's calling VPS, Visual Positioning System, which improves upon the typical GPS experience by analyzing the landmarks around the user to determine the exact location.

Additionally, the experience could overlay places such as restaurants and businesses on top of the real-world images in the camera's field of view, making it easier to find new places that might otherwise go unnoticed in real life. Google has also been experimenting with the idea of a guide in the augmented reality environment, which users would then follow to get to a particular location.

There is no word if or when the AR feature or charming canine assistant will be released to the full public. Only select users are being given access during the beta phase. But we're happy with this sneak peek and can't wait till they rolling out the feature to the masses!

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