Microsoft celebrates 40 years of small business week with Modern Workplace on Demand – now LIVE!

by Digital Main Street   |   October 28, 2019   |   Share this:  

This FREE business channel - a first in Canada - strives to inspire, educate, and empower businesses to modernize. And it gives subscribers a chance to win a Surface device for tuning in!

Modern Workplace on Demand features video presentations from some of the country’s most intriguing experts, including:


  • Dr. Ann Cavoukian, one of the world’s leading privacy experts, the creator of Privacy by Design, and the former Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario
  • Marc Saltzman, one of Canada’s best-known tech personalities, and a freelance journalist, author, lecturer, consultant, and radio and TV personality
  • Fawn Annan, the President and Group Publisher of IT World Canada, the largest global IT media company in 87 countries


Among the talented Microsoft presenters, Ricardo Wagner makes a compelling case for accessibility and inclusivity. Gladstone Grant delivers an inspiring call to innovate while John Hewie offers some smart security advice.


Delivering on our mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more, Microsoft’s new business channel—Modern Workplace on Demand—is now streaming original and exclusive content for the Canadian market. Sign up here to visit Modern Workplace on Demand now.  

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