$125 Free Facebook Advertising Campaign for your Mobile Order Ahead Menu


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$125 Free Facebook Advertising Campaign for your Mobile Order Ahead Menu

Use ChangeJar Order Ahead to easily create and share mobile menus that let your customers skip the line for take out or eat in. For a limited time get up to $125 in free Facebook or Instagram ads.


  1. First, you log in to your ChangeJar Merchant Portal to set up what you want to sell. We recommend that your feature 5-10 of most popular and profitable items or combos. (see sample in photo)
  2. If you want to add a time-of-day or multi-item discount you can easily do this with a click of a button.
  3.  Save your menu to create a shareable menu link that your can copy. 
  4. Share your menu link with customers by pasting it in tweets or Facebook/Instagram posts. You can also include it your customer emails and add as an “Order Ahead Menu” button on your website.
  5. Customers click your link or button to open your Order Ahead menu and order and pay via ChangeJar app or Facebook Messenger
  6.  When an order is placed, you get notified by text message or to your smartphone or tablet (some merchants place these in the kitchen/prep area to de-clutter checkout areas)
  7. When order is ready, write the order number or customer’s name and place ina  designated area, ready for them to pick up and go without waiting in line.
  8. You receive the payment to your ChangeJar Merchnat account instantly, and exporting it to your bank account is as simple as clicking a button. 

As with all ChangeJar mobile commerce services, we only apply a small flat fee per transaction. For Order Ahead, this is 25 cents per transaction.

For example, on a $15.00 order, that 25 cent flat fee is a just 1.6%. By comparison, most Order Ahead apps charge 10% or more, and the food delivery apps like Uber Eats charge up to 35%.

There are NO other fees or charges and your one account gives your business access to our other services like Scan & Go .

Some merchants offer Order Ahead menus to the employees of their biggest customers (like the big office next door) to reward their loyalty with this super-convenient service that lets them skip the line at busy times.

Get in touch and we’ll work with you to build a custom menu specific to your business’s needs.

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