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Dave Johnston

Years in business: 5 or less
Head office located: London, On, Canada


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All In One Digital Marketing

Digimark London specializes in collecting, nurturing and maintaining leads via our CRM software that was created by our team to funnel prospects from interest to paying clients.

At Digimark we prefer to provide services that provide instant results, recently we have started focusing on providing qualified leads to businesses. Our process is straightforward.

  1. Run an Ad on Facebook, Google, Bing etc.
  2. Have the prospects opt in (email, phone, name) to the service you are providing.
  3. Direct the prospects through 7+ levels of funnel marketing.
  4. Goal is to have a 100% qualified lead to provide to your business.

Your business pays for the lead, not the Ad, SEO, website, overhead etc.

This is a great proposition for your business as you are only paying for the lead at the end of the funnel. 

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