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Accessibility Services Canada

Years in business: 6 - 15
Head office located: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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AODA Online Training

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act requires every business to train ALL their staff and our online training is a time and cost effective way to meet your AODA training requirements.

The AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) requires every businesses to train ALL their staff on the AODA and our online training is a time and cost effective way to meet your AODA requirements.

This training is interactive and offers knowledge testing so that you can ensure that your staff  have not only met the AODA training requirement but thought about how to apply accessibility best practices to their own job. 

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Discounts apply the more seats you purchase. Extra seats purchased will be held in reserve for up to one year. Discounts appear in the Checkout.

Key Features:

  • Interactive: Our interactive AODA training gives real-life examples of how to best provide accessible customer service, provides best practices in communicating with people with a variety of disabilities, and offers resources to learn more about the AODA and accessibility.
  • Greater degree of impact: When your organization invests in staff training you want it to be impactful. Reading a workbook or static website is not going to engage your staff in the content. This dynamic online training has a cast of characters that bring the topic of accessibility to life.
  • Easy: Requires only that you send in the names and email addresses of people who will take the course.
  • Efficient: Participants will be able to take the course in less than 24 hours after you send us their names.
  • Quick: The course takes 20-minutes and covers all the content required by the AODA.
  • Thorough: There is a short quiz to ensure understanding of the content.
  • Value Add: Participants will get a certificate of completion.
  • No administrative burden: Organization administrators receive a report of who has successfully completed the course and this can be kept as a record of the training. No need to track staff down to get confirmation that they have take the course!
  • Economical: Costs for the course have been kept as low as possible. Consider buying “seats” for current and future training needs to get a better price.

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