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Years in business: 5 or less
Head office located: Ontario, London, Canada


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Basic Bookkeeping

Categorize transactions, reconcile bank account and provide Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet

This package is suited for the client that would like to outsource their basic monthly bookkeeping duties to ensure that all the information is organized and ready when it’s time to file your business tax return. It also allows you to monitor your goal attainment and growth trends month-to-month!

Basic bookkeeping services starting at $300/mth

  • Posting all business bank transactions
  • Completing the monthly bank reconciliations
  • Posting purchase invoices, expenses and cash transactions
  • Credit card transactions and reconciliations
  • Up to 1 hour a month in emails and phone calls that pertain to bookkeeping
  • Completing the Quarterly HST reconciliation
  • Completion of HST returns (e-filing)

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