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At one end of the spectrum, we provide existing media owners a platform to quickly and easily manage their media inventories, and sell that media to motivated buyers. On the other, we are helping media buyers and marketers plan and manage their campaigns, through discovery and buying of hyperlocal, targeted, and novel media directly online.

Many businesses on Toronto’s streets don’t always know/remember that they have valuable media assets which they can sell and help reduce operating costs. For example the Butcher or Florist can put a coupon sticker on their wrapping paper for the coffee shop down the street. Or the restaurant can put an advertising message on their take-out container.

On the other hand for the small business owner creating and executing marketing plans at the local level can be daunting, time consuming and expensive (especially if a third party agency is involved). Our automated ‘blocking chart’ makes marketing easier.

Our unique platform is designed to enable both buyers and sellers to reduce operating costs. For the seller they can place their inventory in our global media marketplace: reaching buyers beyond the neighbourhood. For marketers our online media planning tool connects directly with available media so they can buy the media they want, when they want.

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