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Folk Media Communications Inc.

Years in business: 6 - 15
Head office located: Bathurst, Nb, Canada


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Business Intro Video

A full package to begin effectively advertise your business with online video.

Includes all three steps to promoting your business through video: plan, create, distribute!


Our full package includes a preliminary focus on crafting your message. We believe story-telling is the most effective way to be remembered by your customers. But the story still needs to support your business and your goals. We can work with you to identify a strategically-relevant, and natural story to support your brand and its goals. 

Video production is our main speciality. Our techniques are tailored to gather candid-footage from non-actors, while still maintaining sharp focus on your strategically relevant message. We use all sorts of techniques to tell your story in captivating and exciting ways, including aerial, time-lapse, and narrative-driven supportive footage.

For a campaign to be truly succesful, your content needs to be seen by more than just your friends. We use the tools of modern targeted social media advertising to identify the most profitable demographic for your business, and reach them where they’re the most receptive. This is highly data-driven, and allows you to continue making sound decisions based off of accurate analytics. 

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