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Canada Post Solutions for Small Business™

Canada Post’s free Solutions for Small Business™ program offers merchants exclusive savings and tools. Solutions for Small Business is designed to make running and growing your business simpler.

Get access to automatic discounts on shipping, marketing and more

  • Save up to 36% on domestic shipping and up to 47% on shipping outside Canada
  • Save up to 15% on Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail™

 Find out more about Solutions for Small Business and sign up here.


Make shipping easy

Canada Post offers best-in-class shipping, pricing, tracking and returns features for e-commerce. We have partnered with many e-commerce solutions providers, including Shopify, to make it easy to print labels, get real time shipping rates and provide tracking without leaving your online store!

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Find New Customers

Launch a marketing campaign in 10 minutes or less. Canada Post’s Snap Admail™ helps businesses create smart, targeted direct mail campaigns on any budget all online. Canada Post will print and deliver to the neighbourhoods you choose.

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