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Years in business: 6 - 15
Head office located: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


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Content Creation for Food Brands

We create rich, beautiful, appetizing content featuring real recipes using your real food product. From recipe development and food styling to recipe videos and food photography.

Real Food Creative is the food division of REES + STAGER. Our name is an extension of our food and design philosophy. We aim to connect real food brands with their consumers through real, honest conversations and engagement, through authentic photos and videos of real food (no plastic or paint), showcasing real people enjoying the products.

It’s no wonder why cooking & recipe videos have become some of the most addicting content on the internet. These easily consumable videos show consumers how to incorporate a product or brand into a delicious recipe in less than a minute! In fact, after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online.… inspiring, isn’t it?

Recipe Development

We create specialized recipes based on your needs for a particular campaign, seasonality, daypart etc., and once recipe ideas (titles) are approved, we create, test, and refine your recipe to be easy for consumers to make at home and enjoy.

Food Photography

We take food photography very seriously and always use real ingredients, with natural, stunning light in our professionally outfitted kitchen studio. Photography evokes an emotional response and tells the visual story of your brand, why would you want anything less than stunning?

Food Styling

We are experts in staging beautiful photos that will appeal to your ideal customer making their mouths water. Your marketing toolbox should be stocked with perfectly styled photos and videos of your product. We style real food that makes any audience want to stop and take a bite. Yum!

Overhead Recipe Video

Let us bring your product to life through step-by-step quick and cheerful overhead recipe videos that incorporate your food into easy, everyday meal recipes that anyone can make. We develop, prep, style, shoot and professionally edit each recipe so you are left with a professional, beautiful, eye-catching reel that can be shared across all kinds of platforms.

Storytelling Recipe Video

For brands that want something more emotive, that tells a story about their recipe or product, our live-action, storytelling videos are the best fit. Custom crafted, these videos are shot from multiple camera angles, feature closeup action shots of key parts of the recipe, while our expert food stylists ensure every shot is equally beautiful.

Animated Stills

Looking for a short and eye-catching way to bring attention to your beautiful library of still photography? Then our new animated stills are for you! Specifically geared towards social media, this new & fun style of video is a great way to draw attention to your already delicious looking recipes! They are a cost-effective option if you really want to engage your social following.

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“I can thank Twitter for hooking me up with rock star foodie and social media maven Brittany Stager and the entire creative team a REES + STAGER: David, Gillian, Tanya, Catherine, Ben, Daniella, Stacey, Justin and Nikki. You helped turn my cookbook vision into reality and handled my annoying perfectionism with professionalism!” ~ Greta Podleski, Cookbook Author, Yum & Yummer

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