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Content Kickstart

The perfect package for brands that need to kickstart their content strategy. The package will include a short 30-second video and 20 pictures.

We will create a short video, this could go on your website homepage (known to increase conversion rates on the website). The video can also be used on your social channels as well.
As for the video itself, it will be about 30- 45 seconds long. Perfect length for a multipurpose video.
We will handle everything which includes prep, production, and post edit. We will bring all the equipment such as mics and cameras.
Video Details
1) Intro (picture of your logo).
2) We will have a b-roll of the exterior of the business, showcasing your location.
3) Shots from management. We will need about a minute and a half of dialogue from the spokesperson (this will be edited down). If you would like we can help you write a script for this portion as well. 
4) Shots of the employees (perhaps in the garage or outside the building).
5) We will have a b-roll of a service you offer. E.G- A car being wrapped (there will be a minimum of 3 angles).
6) We can include a customer service interaction. (client comes into shop communicate with secretary or management).
Basically, we will introduce the people behind the brand, the companies story, and the customer journey in the video.

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