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Head office located: Markham, Ontario, Canada


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Creating an online e-commerce website on Shopify

Our team of developers and designers will help you design and develop an online store on Shopify. We will also provide 1-on-1 training so that your business is empowered once your store is online!

Our team of experts has created dozens of online e-commerce websites for clients. Collectively, they have generated over CA$70,000 in revenue from their online sales alone since April 2020 (Beginning of the pandemic). Our team offers services to help you design and develop an online store on Shopify — a leading platform used by over 1 million merchants across the world. 

Every client is different and in different stages. We understand this and we work with our clients to figure out what they will need to get their store online. We know times are tough and factors such as budget play a big part in decision-making. Pixel Walrus is dedicated to only offer services that our client truly wants after we explain it to them in detail. 

Some of our recent clients include:

We understand the pain small businesses are going through and we are determined to help everyone in any way that we can.


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