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Years in business: 6 - 15
Head office located: Calgary, Ab, Canada


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*Digital Main St. Exclusive | GOLD Package | Save 20%

Guaranteed results from a high-impact Google Ads campaign

For the business that wants guaranteed traffic and new customers, now. Includes a $99 Google Ads campaign tailored to your business.

You have a website, and now you need traffic! OctoHub is a self-serve platform built specifically for the budget-conscious, busy small business owner who wants more new customers. With OctoHub, there is no agency required; there are no consulting fees, no contracts, or set up fees. We bill monthly, and our software manages and reports on all aspects of your digital marketing. You get excellent, cost-effective results and free up valuable time.

OctoHub will create an accurate, properly formated digital listing of your business and connect it via API to your Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles. Outrank your competitors in Google search results by automatically receiving coveted backlinks and manage all your business updates in one convenient place.

Create, schedule, manage and track social posts on both Facebook and Google My Busines, and OctoHub will monitor your business 24/7 and alert you when you receive a review or if an update is required to your listing.

Guarantee quality traffic delivered directly to your website (or page of your choosing) from a targeted long-tail ad campaign; no work or agency required.

You can confidently see the results in your Executive Report that is emailed to you every 7-days, and you can log in to the OctoHub dashboard anytime to see results and suggestions to grow your business.

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