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North Road Digital

Years in business: 5 or less
Head office located: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Digital Marketing

We offer custom goal-based packages to ensure you’re running the best strategy for your business.

There is no “all-in-one” marketing strategy that will work for everyone. We will assess your business goals and work with you to figure out which types of advertising campaigns will best suit you. 

Some types of campaigns and tactics include:
Paid Search

When a user searches a term, their attention fades quickly the further they get down the list of search results. We use Google Ads to make sure your business is the first thing they see.

Social Media

A business can’t survive without a social media presence. Each platform has its own set of rules and specifications for advertisers, along with backend data collecting challenges. Our team are experts in all of the most popular social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

Display Advertising

From the simple “banner” ad to pop-ups and more, Display advertising is a fundamental part of the online experience. But the strategy goes far deeper. Our team can make sure that your ads appear on the right sites, in front of the right people, and at the right time. Whether you’re trying to drive new traffic to your site or recapture the attention of users who have been to your site before, we’ll make sure your Display ads are intelligently targeted to the most qualified potential customers.

Shopper Campaigns

Promote your products directly to in-market shoppers using retail focused ads formats that include product galleries combined with a strong call to action across the Google ecosystem.  These campaigns are perfect for businesses looking to focus on the rapidly growing Direct to Consumer market.  Campaigns link directly to your product inventory using Google Merchant center.

Video Advertising

If you have promotional videos of your business, we can make sure they appear on any relevant platform and in front of the right audiences. These could tie-in to social media campaigns or act as standalones on Youtube, for example.



Sometimes a customer just needs a little extra nudge to finish a purchase or make a booking. If we can see that users are showing an interest in your business, for example by spending a lot of time on your site or adding things to their cart, we can launch a campaign that makes sure they see more of your ads. They have already shown they are interested, so we know they just need some gentle reminders to come back and finish their transaction.

Hyper-local Targeting

“Near me” is one of the most common parts of modern search queries. We can zero-in on areas around your brick-and-mortar stores to make sure that any user on-the-go knows they can easily swing by while running their errands. You have what they need, and you’re close by!

Audience Extension

So you have all this useful data. What now?

Audience Extension is all about that precious first-party data your website collects from its users. There are many different things we can do with this data.

It can be used to reach out to new demographics that have shown interest in your business but are not currently being targeted by any of your marketing campaigns. We can also use the information gathered about your users to target similar users that may not have seen your ads yet.

It can also work in conjunction with your Sponsored Content pieces. Everyone who views your Sponsored Content can be targeted with specific related ads.

These are just a few examples of the many different ways your data can be used in Audience Extension. Once the data is there, the options are nearly limitless!




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