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Accurate Creative

Years in business: More than 30
Head office located: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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Digital Marketing Strategy

Accurate provides creative and digital marketing support for client’s communication products: including video, animation, and website design.

A digital world

Accurate provides creative and digital marketing support for client’s communication products. Because web development and interactive design are in a constant state of evolution clients have an advantage working with a larger agency like Accurate. A changing technological landscape means our team can establish protocols and methodologies that stabilize the production process and encourage creativity to net you the best results.  

Our web expertise in-house is PHP using the CMS from WordPress. This open source software is freely available and very well supported. It’s a flexible PHP/HTML-based product. Moving to WordPress removes the cost and burden of a website manager. There is no coding experience needed to manage this CMS system. Simply put, if you can use MS Word, you can use WordPress —it’s that easy.

The difference between a good web product and a great one is simple — great products are well designed, well organized and well built.

Our digital media expertise includes:

• Social Media strategy and implementation;

• YouTube channel design and management;

• Facebook page design and management;

• Twitter page design;

• Social media advertising campaigns;

• Static and dynamic CMS website designs;

• On-line digital business solutions;

• Website analytics;

• Database development;

• Search engine optimization (SEO);

• E-mail invitations and marketing campaigns;

• Flash animations

• Website graphics and banners

• Video or television bumpers

• E-learning modules

• Corporate videos

• CD ROM and DVD production

• Virtual tours

• Audio editing

• PowerPoint presentations

• Event launch materials

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