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Head office located: Burlington, Ontario, Canada


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Digital Transformation and Ecommerce Coaching

We help small businesses grow and become profitable by developing e-commerce and digital business capabilities to delight their customer faster.

You leave a meeting with the digital marketing people and you feel that you are wasting money; you are not seeing results. Apart from that, you still have 18 messages waiting to be answered: A message from an angry customer and another from a strategic supplier requesting a payment due last week. But that’s not all, your partner needs help with the children and you have to take the car to the workshop because it’s making a weird sound. You start to wonder if you are doing something wrong or if you are not cut out for this.

You have limited resources, a team with many responsibilities, with little digital experience but eager to acquire the skills to help you. You know you need to focus on generating income. You know that it would be a mistake to continue making efforts without the appropriate skills and experience.

If only you could start to see results …

If only you could get help from someone with a strategic, commercial profile and a digital mind who can help you implement your e-commerce and a digital ecosystem to delight your client and strategically complement your business.

You are not alone…

What makes us different?

At Digittant, we help small businesses develop and accelerate their digital capabilities so that they can differentiate themselves from their competition and help their businesses grow.

At Digittant we know that you work tirelessly to realize your dream of having a profitable and successful company. Do you want to enter the world of e-commerce, for your company to grow, be more competitive, produce more profits, and thus be able to live more peacefully?

The problem is that you need a guide to remove obstacles in a world where every day there is more and more competition moving fast. This worries you, and you wonder how other entrepreneurs succeed and you do not. You do not know who to ask for help.

We believe that the Internet should be for everyone, that entrepreneurs are heroes, and that no one should have to bear this responsibility without help.

We understand what it is to feel overwhelmed, with limited resources, full of work, but at the same time with the feeling of not knowing what to do to grow. This is why at Digittant, we put at your disposal more than 15 years of experience helping companies of all sizes increase their sales and prosper in the new digital world.

The road to success is simple:
1) Schedule a complimentary coaching session
2) Create a clear vision and set up a plan
3) Accompany you week after week to achieve results

If you do not want to remain stagnant, rowing alone, and leaving priority tasks without execution, request a first complimentary strategy session now and accelerate your digital growth.

We understand how it feels to spend money and time on digital initiatives that have no impact.

I started my first business when I was 23 years old when I had just received my bachelor’s in Economics from one of the best universities in my country and I went broke.

Since then, I became obsessed with learning best practices in business management, I specialized in Small and Medium Business Management, got an MBA, and dedicated my professional life to helping hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses grow.

When I started my business, I was very excited, but after three years growth slowed down.

Every day it was more difficult to get new customers, and profits were shrinking as I had to lower prices in order to be competitive. At the same time, my accounts receivable were taking longer and longer to be paid,  my employees’ performance was declining and in the end I was borrowing money at high interest rates to support myself. I finally went broke. From an early age I learned firsthand the hardest lessons of entrepreneurship that I want to share with you.

I had the wonderful opportunity to work in companies like Coca-Cola and Auteco, the largest motorcycle assembler in Colombia. There I learned and understood the formulas that large companies use to overcome growth obstacles. My job over the last 15 years has been to help hundreds of supermarkets, restaurants, dealerships, apparel stores, and many other small businesses, to sell more. The results make me proud.

That is why I founded Digittant. This is why we are so excited to help you (and I hope you are too)! We believe that entrepreneurs are heroes. Now: why single-handedly carry the responsibility of a business? Why stagnate? Or worse, risk bankruptcy like I did at 23?

Will you give us the privilege of accompanying you?


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