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Years in business: 5 or less
Head office located: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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Display Network Marketing & Advertising

Take advantage of the power of display marketing across Facebook and the Google display network. We'll help you build targeted audiences, create campaigns, manage your spending budgets and analyze.

We value detailed and comprehensive plans.

Which is why it is our duty to our clients that we provide professional insight and knowledge pertaining to a variety of communications disciplines including; advertising, personal selling and sales promotion.

Campaign Management
Once a marketing plan has been established and put into action, it is pivotal that a business begins the process known as campaign management.

There are many steps as well as key tools required to have successful campaign management, which is why our team has developed key learning resources and the best tools to use for campaign management.

We also make it our mission to help our clients on a personal level to develop key skill sets in this area such as planning, execution, tracking and overall campaign analysis.

Display Network
The world of display networks is extremely vast, making it an area in marketing that we as business owners must pay careful attention to. There are over 2 million different websites and apps on the Google Display Network alone where advertisements can be displayed.

We’ll help you leverage the power of display networks and make sure you reach your customers when they need you most.

We’ll help you design, prepare, launch and analyze paid display network marketing campaigns so that you can understand the true value of going digital. Reach new customers, grow your business and find success with us.


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