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Alissa Sexton Artist Consulting

Years in business: 6 - 15
Head office located: Brockville, On


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E-Commerce Artist Website

I only make websites for artists, it's my specialty. When I'm done, you'll have a beautiful site that appeals to collectors and galleries, and best of can manage it yourself.

A website that sells fine art is different than a website that sells any other commercial product. I have developed two key elements for my artist websites that are necessary for success:

  1. Language that appeals to art collectors rather than try to aggressively sell product
  2. A site that promotes sales for an artist but takes minimal time to manage

My goal is to teach the artist to use the website so that they are self-sufficient beyond the design phase. I do this through online tutorials and phone consults.

If you’d like to see how my websites are different than other commercial products:

Please see examples of my completed websites here

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