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Head office located: Vaughan, Ontario, Canada


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E-commerce Website Development

Development of a full E-commerce platform with an efficient and convenient user experience to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, mobile-friendly compatibility, and built-in security measures.

From strategy to implementation, thinkCOMPASS will build and integrate end-to-end technology solutions to help improve outcomes across the mission lifecycle during all stages of development. Solving problems as a whole is at the core of what we do, we not only provide the necessary platform and strategy but also aid in the construction of the right policies, processes, training, and cultural changes to make the digital transition as smooth as possible. 


Our three-step process to get started involves:

  1. The booking of a consultation to gather preliminary details and begin the connection
  2. Client discovery will involve a team introduction where our experts take the time to learn about your business-specific goals regarding the development and design of your new e-commerce platform
  3. Website delivery is where the journey begins where you will receive the website envisioned and stay in touch for strategy and adjustments

We’re committed to delivering highly adaptable, open yet secure architectures that you control so that you can quickly and easily bring in new partners and technologies as they emerge. Whether we build the solutions ourselves or team up with industry, academia, or non-traditional government partners, we help you access the best technology for your mission, working side by side with you to integrate it seamlessly into the unique constraints of your environment.


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